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What Is Silica – Organic Silica Powder

Natural Silicon Element Health Benefits

Organic Silica

If you have never heard of Silica before, you are not alone. It is a mineral that boosts its share of health benefits, but it is often overlooked and under-appreciated. Silicon is the second most abundant element found in the crust of the earth. It is 25.7 percent of the planet’s crust. Silica belongs to a group of minerals known as the silicates.

In nature, silica can be found in the form of quartz or sand. Silicon is never found in the state it is naturally occurring in. Instead, it is often found in combination with oxygen. For example, it can be uncovered as a silicate ion in rocks that are rich in silica.

History of Silica Research – Silicon Information

It was during the 1930’s that organic silica was found to be an essential nutrient required for humans, as well as animals. By the time the 1970’s had rolled around, researchers had come to discover that silica supplements help support the development of bone and cartilage. As recently as the 1990’s, pharmaceutical companies had begun to develop silica in laboratories in order to use it for dressings to treat burns and other types of wounds.

One of the many benefits of natural silica is it expedites wound healing and can provide a balm for burns. A clinical research study performed in 1993 yielded the result that this miracle mineral stimulates bone formation, as well as the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin.

The human body requires this chemical compound for various functions that it performs. It is a primary element needed for collagen formation. Natural silica is evident in every one of the body’s organs. It can be found in the circulatory system, the endocrine system, the digestive system, the nervous system, the reproductive system, and all of the other systems of the body.

The Overlooked Silicon Mineral

Many mainstream nutritionists and naturopathic doctors overlook the importance of organic silica. Silica supplements are not given the attention they deserve because the majority of dietary supplements have poor bioavailability. The silica supplements that are available on the market rarely consist of organic silica that can be easily absorbed by the body.

Most of the silica supplements that can be found in stores are derived from either vegetables, such as bamboo, or an herb known as horsetail fern. The capsules and tablets made from either of these sources offer bioavailability that is very poor. It is important to note that non-organic silica that has been extracted from bamboo or horsetail fern can be toxic if ingested in high doses.

In case you are not familiar with bioavailability, this term refers to the extent to which a substance can be absorbed into the human body and utilized by it. Only organic silica can be used by the body. Inorganic silicon is unable to be properly absorbed because it does not contain carbon. The human body is carbon-based which is why we can only process the organic silica and not the inorganic.

Benefits Of Silica Water


It has been noted by researchers who have studied this overlooked mineral that there are populations of people residing in remote areas of the world who are not plagued by many of the problems that are associated with getting older in our society, such as arthritis and other joint related conditions.

Their immunity to these medical issues seems to be very high. The regions are isolated and range from climates that are tropical in nature to those that are bitterly cold. The diets of the citizens of these areas vary tremendously. In some areas, a strict vegetarian diet is followed, while in other places, plenty of meat and dairy products are consumed on a regular basis.

Those of advanced age were far younger in how they lived, than would be expected. Individuals in their late eighties and nineties still worked long days. They were robust, full of energy and physically active. The elderly in these societies walked miles on a day-to- day basis. They were not slumped over with pain and discomfort. The temperatures and diets of the regions, because they contrasted so much, could not account for the lack of joint problems.

One such place where this could be found was a mountain range located in the country of Georgia, which is close in proximity to Russia. After closer investigation, organic silica was found to be the source of excellent health and vitality. The ground water supply was rich in a form of organic silica that is easily absorbed by the human body. This natural mountain water was fondly given the name “Georgia/Russian Secret Youth Water.” Even the dogs living in this area enjoyed a longer period of youthfulness and were found to have as much energy as their younger counterparts.

Interestingly enough, once people left this area for other regions, they were just as likely as anyone else to develop arthritis and suffer from aches and pains in their joints. They had left the secret silica youth water behind.

Benefits of Silica Powder

Natural silica offers many benefits to health. It is particularly beneficial for the health of the skin, hair and nails. It promotes strong, healthy fingernails and toenails, clear unblemished skin and hair that is strong and brimming with the hallmarks of good health (such as shininess and fullness). Silica supplements would benefit anyone whose skin is on the dry side. One worth trying is the SilaLive Silica Supplements.

If you are looking for a mineral that will help to counteract some of the negative effects associated with aging, organic silica is the mineral to look at. Silica also improves the work of the organs of the body, as well as the connective tissues that keep everything together.

But that is not all. Natural silica improves the performance of the digestive system and it boosts metabolic function. It also stimulates the formation of new cells.

Silica and Your Body

Silica In Body

While silica may be one of the most commonly found elements on the planet, its presence in the body depletes with age. When you entered the world, your body was abundant in this mineral. You had plenty of silica, but only trace amounts of the mineral calcium. Over time, as your body advances in age, the amount of calcium goes up, while the amount of silica goes down. Why this is the case is not known. The body is not able to maintain an adequate amount of this mineral on its own, which is why supplementation becomes more and more important as a person gets on in years.

The maintenance of the strength of your bones is often attributed to calcium and vitamin D. The reality of the matter is that these nutrients need help from mineral- silica. Natural silica is required to help calcium with the absorption process. Silica supplements can provide you with higher levels of this miracle mineral but so can food sources. Some natural sources of organic silica to try include avocados, cucumbers, brown rice, oats, onions and strawberries.

Amorphous Silica and Recent Studies

Organic silica is beneficial for both males and females. It is worthwhile for those of every age, but especially for those who are middle aged and older. Recent scientific studies have shown a link between organic silica and the prevention of a progressive disease of the mind, known as Alzheimer’s. This mineral has also shown promise for some reproductive problems that are unique to women. Additional benefits to health include lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, regulating the work of the bowels and heavy metal chelation.

The health of the cardiovascular system gets a boost from organic silica. It is believed that there is a positive link between the risk of heart disease and stroke and the presence of silica in the body.

SilaLive Silica Supplements

SilaLive Testimonial

To get more silica into your body, try SilaLive Silica Supplements. Getting all of the silica you need from food sources is often not enough. Supplementation can ensure that your body is getting what it needs.


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