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What is Organic Silica?

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Organic Silica

Next to oxygen, silica is considered the most abundant element on earth. Silica formations are in amorphous, crystallized formations of granite and quartz rocks. It is also found present in sand grains and in clays. However, the kind of silica that everyone has been raving about is organic silica.

Unlike its mineral form, organic silica is formed by one of more atoms of carbon and hydrogen atoms of living tissues. It occurs plenty in plants, animals and even in human beings. Actually, the human body is born with abundant levels of organic silicon to support normal growth and development.

Silica is actually a vital component of the structural matrix of the human body. It is present in the bone, muscle and cartilage forming cells and tissues as well as in thymus and adrenal glands. It remains influential to digestion as it is also involved in a variety of pancreatic, spleen and liver functions.

History Of Silica

The discovery of the therapeutic properties of organic silica did not begin until 1994. It is during this time that science has discovered the necessity of activating small quantities of silica to optimize the healing benefits of the natural remedies used in homeopathy. By 1994, a fellow named Le Ribault finally perfected a new molecule to be combined with organic silicon to provide potent treatment for many diseases. From then on, the development of organic silica therapy has advanced rapidly. Today, people can enjoy the healing wonders of non-toxic, natural and oral organic silica supplements and products.

Silica Therapeutic Properties

You may be wondering what could have fueled the sudden interest or the realized necessity of supplementing average American diets with organic silica. After years of accumulating proof and anecdotal reports of its effectiveness in promoting cell and tissue repair and overall health, doctors, official laboratory tests as well as patient records has finally confirmed the substance’s significant benefits.

For one thing, today’s organic silica supplements and products are certified non-toxic and safe for human use. Its excellent skin penetrating properties complemented burn and wound dressing preparations with more potent soothing and healing effects. Also, the substance is easy to diffuse throughout the body, which allows it to become more effective in targeting the healing of inflamed, irritated, damaged or malfunctioning cells, tissues or organs.

As a vital component of the body’s structural matrix, this mineral promotes normal development in various stages of bone mineralization. By effectively strengthening and reinforcing body cells and tissues, it safeguards the body from potential injuries, damage or diseases. Lastly, since organic silica came from natural food sources, they generally render no side-effects, making it safe for long-term use.

How it Works

Any form of injury or disease causes disturbances to cell functions. This results to the maladjustment of the electrical properties or polarity of the affected cells. To bring relief and stimulate healing, organic silica molecules helps stabilize this disturbance and move the body into a balanced state. This way, it restores the electrical polarity caused by the disturbance to cellular functions, giving them the power to resist infection or immediately repair cell damage.

Therapeutic Claims

Apparently, there have been a number of conclusive evidences that links organic silica to the vital functioning of the human body. But although the body can naturally metabolize organic silicon, it tends to lose much of it in its urine, normal hair loss and growing nails. While the role of silica to health has been established, there is no doubt that having lower than normal levels of silica comes with serious health problems.

People can actually ensure adequate levels of silica by taking organic silica supplements. With organic silicon therapy or supplementation, the body does not only replenish the substance that is lost but also sustain healing of damaged cells, tissues and organs.

Application and Use

Each capsule of organic silicon supplement serves as a storehouse of silica that meets your daily recommended nutrient allowance. Supplements may also be available in liquid form, which can either be drunk or applied directly on the skin depending. Organic silica supplement and products offer convenient and cost-effective means of maintaining adequate levels of silica in the body.

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