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Silica The Ultimate Health Supplement

Is SilaLive Silica The Ultimate Supplement?

Silica: the elixir of life?


A glance at stories from around the world, tells us about the various attempts of human beings to preserve their youth and vitality. Characters like Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are known for their bloodthirsty appetites that helped them to prevent death and remain young. Voldermort, the dark wizard in Harry Potter tried his level best to get the coveted Philosopher’s stone.

Silica Anti-Aging Supplement

However, it makes us wonder does man really need to go to such an extent to remain young? Some people even go a step further and try to look for solutions in real life, which can help them to remain young. As a result of these researches, it has now been discovered that silica can actually help people to delay aging and all related illnesses.

Aging is actually not a disease but a harbinger of many diseases. As we age, the vital nutrients in our body tend to deplete. This causes wrinkles in the skin, brittleness in bones and other related problems. With time, the suppleness and elasticity of the skin vanish and are replaced by a dull and aged appearance.


Earlier, people believed that these problems could be prevented by increasing the quantity of magnesium and calcium in your diet. However, recent studies have indicated that silica may just play a more important role than these minerals in the prevention of aging and maintaining overall health and stamina.

Most scientists now believe that silica is only next to iron in importance, as far as human body metabolism is concerned. Babies have adequate reserves of silica, which last till about middle age. As these reserves diminish, aging processes start to set in. Though silica is found in a number of cereals, vegetables and even fruits, the amount tends to deplete due to the processing of these foods. As a result, even a balanced diet does not help in the prevention of aging.

Tissue deterioration is a common symptom of aging. With age, the tissue loses its capacity to hold moisture, which in turn causes a wrinkled appearance. Silica is essential to maintain or even increase the capacity to hold moisture in tissues. Our skeleton, without which we would just be shapeless bags of skin, is made from collagen.

SilaLive Silica Health Benefits

Apart from calcium and other minerals, silica is the main ingredient, which helps not only in the formation but also maintaining the strength of collagen. Low silica reserves can lead to osteoporosis as it impacts the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Apart from keeping your bones strong, silica can also help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, better known as AD. A study conducted in rats revealed that silica can actually prevent the accumulation of aluminum in the body, which is known to cause AD. Another study conducted in 2005 indicated that adequate amounts of silica in drinking water can also prevent AD. Most researchers feel that silica can act as an antidote to aluminum, which is known to cause all these issues.

Though we still have to go a long way in understanding the true importance of this abundant element in our lives, however one fact is clear. Silica is indeed an important ingredient in the recipe, which makes the elixir for life!

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