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Silica Improves your Skin and Nails!

Silica as a Health Supplement

With the onset of aging our bodies begin to slow down in its production of important minerals which is key to the proper maintenance of our bodies. There are many minerals that work together daily to keep our bodies in optimal condition, such as calcium, magnesium, boron, potassium, ascorbic acid and silica.

Silica works in conjunction with the other minerals in the human body to maintain many functions both physical and psychological in the body. The presence of silica in the body directly relates to the ability of the body to absorb necessary minerals and proteins.

Silica Supplement For Skin

As aging depletes the human body of necessary minerals the signs of aging become more apparent such as dry skin, brittle hair, brittle bones, brittle teeth, wrinkled skin and decreased flexibility. When ample amounts of silica are available in the human body, the process of aging slows down and becomes less painful.

The symptoms of silica deficiency may also include immune system weakness and diseases pertaining to those weaknesses such as; chronic colds, persistent flu, and frequent ear infections with viscous yellow discharge leaking from the middle ear. The presence of sufficient silica in the system will increase the strength of the immune system and ward off possible future chronic attacks.

Silica Supplement Benefits

Silica is also a major mineral important to the maintenance of a healthy and functional skeletal system. Without sufficient amounts of silica in the skeletal system brittle bones will be the end result. Also, age related depletion of silica in the human body leads to malfunctioning of the joints which in turn leads to swelling and increased inflexibility. The bones in the body cannot repair, maintain and re – mineralize properly if there is not enough silica present.

This lack of silica can additionally lead to some forms of arthritis.
The best help option is to obtain a silica supplement. When the silica supplement is taken daily at the recommended dosage, there will be improvement in flexibility and relief from the many varied symptoms a silica deficiency will cause.

Upon using silica as a supplement a noticeable improvement will be seen in the skeletal system and general overall health of the aging body. The best way to aid and maintain the body as it ages and suffers from silica mineral depletion is to use a mineral supplement such as SilaLive. SilaLive is a silica supplement which can be found for sale online at SilaLive.com

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