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What Is Silica?

December 14, 2012 For Humans

Silica Quartz Crystals: Vital To Life We have played with it, admired it, and built houses with it. It has been a part of our diet since the beginning of time. One of the most abundant elements on the earth’s surface, Silica is present everywhere in our lives. From the core of your watch to […]

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Vitamins & Minerals For Strong Immune Systems

December 12, 2012 For Humans

Immune System Vitamins And Minerals We all know the importance of vitamins and minerals for having a great health. Vitamins and minerals are important compounds that our body cannot produce, but needs for very important functions and systems. Proper Nutrition Through Vitamins & Minerals Vitamins and minerals play a very important role in boosting our […]

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Inflammation Supplements for Better Health

December 11, 2012 Hair - Nails - Skin - Bones - Teeth

Best Supplements For Inflammation Inflammation is the over activation of our immune system. Our immune system can become over-active for many reasons including stress, poor eating habits and not enough exercise. How can we combat this inflammation and what can we do to help prevent it in the future? Inflammation can be traced to the […]

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Best Silica Supplement For Your Body

December 11, 2012 For Humans

Organic Silica Benefits & Side Effects Silica has been a part of our lives since the beginning of time. Whether it is in the form of sand that covers the whole of our planet or the more recent inventions like semi conductors or silicon enhancement, silica has been around forever. Alternative healing practitioners use quartz […]

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Natural Food Supplements

December 7, 2012 Detox

Foods High In Vitamins And Minerals Natural Food Supplements are the products that come from all food and are very beneficial for our health. The food supplements are supposed to be natural answer for nutritional deficiencies in human being and should appear from human food. Food supplements are the great way to get all natural, […]

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Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

December 6, 2012 Detox

Popular Anti Inflammatory Herbs For Healing Living in today’s world is a challenge for the human body to stay repaired and healthy, even when we eat right, exercise and get enough sleep. Most people are unaware that the air we breathe, the food and water we eat and drink, and anything we come in contact […]

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Silica Deficiency

December 5, 2012 For Humans

Silica Deficient Health Issues The coquette women should know a few things about how they can get stronger hairs, fingernails and a clearer skin. It is all about taking silica, especially if you feel that you are getting older. Silica is the mineral which holds our body together, by not letting it to fall apart. […]

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Natural Silica: The Beauty Mineral

December 4, 2012 For Humans

Benefits Of Organic Silica Mineral Centuries have flown by but some things have remained the same from the beginning of time until today’s date. For example, women are still obsessed with their hair and make up, as they were centuries ago. Similarly, despite the planet’s evolution and change, one element that has not changed its […]

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What is Organic Silica?

December 4, 2012 For Humans

SilaLive Organic Silica Supplement Next to oxygen, silica is considered the most abundant element on earth. Silica formations are in amorphous, crystallized formations of granite and quartz rocks. It is also found present in sand grains and in clays. However, the kind of silica that everyone has been raving about is organic silica. Unlike its […]

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The Best Foods for Detoxification

November 29, 2012 Detox

Foods To Help You Detox Ridding your body of its toxins is important for good health. Toxins cause the body to slow down and may affect your health in many ways, including causing diseases like cancer. Detox diets can help, but are not absolutely necessary as there are certain foods that you can eat that […]

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