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Natural Silica: The Beauty Mineral

Benefits Of Organic Silica Mineral

Centuries have flown by but some things have remained the same from the beginning of time until today’s date. For example, women are still obsessed with their hair and make up, as they were centuries ago. Similarly, despite the planet’s evolution and change, one element that has not changed its characteristics and properties is silica. The water bodies may have dried up and the weather may have changed, but silica in the form of sand has remained the same.

SilaLive Silica For Hair, Skin, And Nails

Silica Beautiful Hair

Silica is one of the most well known minerals in the modern age. It is also called the beauty mineral as it helps in keeping your skin, nails, and hair beautiful and healthy. Silica also aids in making your bones and tissues stronger. This in turn helps in keeping away problems like tuberculosis, skin disorders, insomnia, and arthrosclerosis.

We all know that silica is the basis of semi conductors and the modern gadgets of our century. However, trace quantities of this mineral also help our bodies to function well. It helps our joints to remain flexible and strong. Besides, it heals the blemishes and other skin problems.

SilaLive Silica For Bone Strength

It was earlier thought that calcium is responsible for strong bones and teeth. However, the new researches have revealed that its silica which controls the absorption of calcium in the body. It is the case with phosphorus. Silica acts as a catalyst for the absorption of phosphorus. The human body absorbs silica as silicic acid or ether derivative or silanate.

The lack of silica in the body becomes pretty evident because it manifests it self in connective tissues and bones. Symptoms like sagging of the skin and wrinkle formation are some of the obvious effects of this deficiency. Hair tends to lose their luster and the bones become brittle and break easily. Therefore, if you have suddenly become prone to fractures and sprains or are experiencing hair fall or brittle nails, it might just be due a deficiency of silica.

Silica also helps in the treatment in symptoms like weak ankles, tonsillitis, boils, pus formation, armpits, and smelly feet. It can also play a role in healing congestion in the mucous membranes of the nose, sneezing attacks. Some people find silica useful in the treatment of headaches, nausea, crankiness, absent-mindedness, and fatigue.

All Natural Organic Silica

There are a number of sources of silica, which can help your body to fulfill its natural requirements. The natural sources include oranges, almonds, oats, unprocessed grains, fish, honey, pumpkin, cucumber, onions, carrots, peanuts, apples, and cereals.

Off lately, the many side effects associated with other modes of treatment such as allopathy have made people gravitate towards more natural modes of treatment. Alternative healing therapies seem to be more effective and safe. The researches conducted on these methods have also given them quite a bit of credibility.

Though the researches are still being carried out, there is still a lot to be discovered about this wondrous and abundant nutrient. However, one thing is for sure. Silica can help you to improve the quality of your physical and mental health!

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