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Natural Removal Of Heavy Metal Toxins In The Body

How Toxins Get In The Body

When it comes to getting rid of toxins in the body, you must start by thinking about all the toxins that are actually entering the body on the daily basis. There is quite a bit of work that your body will have to undergo to get rid of these toxins. It is definitely possible to do, but it will need your utmost attention to the foods and supplements you are using to naturally cleanse your body daily. The process begins by not drastically going on a totally different diet but by slowly incorporating the additional select foods and supplements into your meal regimen.

How To Remove Toxins In The Body

The colon is the primary place of focus during natural detoxification, because this is where everything that we consume will be both taken in and flushed out. In order to properly clean your intestines, you will need to include fiber in your diet. This includes beans, wheat and some type of wheat germ. These types of foods will clear out of the build up of toxins that begin to form in your colon and can often get clogged in your intestines.

Most foods that do this are pastas, such as macaroni and cheese as well as other dairy foods. What you want to do is make sure you are doing a daily flush of your colon and making a habit of it. The toxins will be released from your system once your body is used to having these fibers added to your food in a regular manner. When you flush out toxins you also assist your body with any extra weight or fat that can often weigh down the organs.

Raw Food: Green Leafy Veggies

When talking about detoxing the body, one of the most essential raw foods that you should make sure takes up more than half your plate is broccoli, kale, cabbage and spinach. These green leafy vegetables all detoxify the body while replacing old blood cells with new ones and loosening up any clogging of the arteries. Focus on green leafy vegetables when you are on a detox.

There are many ways to eat green leafy veggies, rather than the same old side salads that more often than not may get ignored when you are eating your meals. Fruit Veggie smoothies are a great way to incorporate raw leafy greens and fruit to your diet. Just think about drinking a delicious green milkshake. A simple fruit smoothie involves spinach, banana and soy milk. It’s better if the banana is frozen to really give the smoothie some body. If you add a lemon to this mix, you are now adding an alkaline based fruit that will intensify the detoxification process. Fruit Veggie smoothies are a great way to start and end the day.

Supplements: SILALIVE Silica

Every detoxification method that you plan to incorporate with your current regimen should involve taking a supplement. SILALIVE Silica is an excellent start detoxification that can actually regenerate your hair, nails and bones as it rebuilds your cells. It is a powdered algae that is made of diatomaceous (diatoms), an ingredient that is made up of naturally occurring sea algae which is 89% silica.

SILALIVE Silica can be added to your fresh smoothies or even a simple glass of water first thing in the morning. As soon as it is consumed it will begin an the internal detox and cleansing that you can actually feel along with your healthy diet.

Take action to make sure you are doing everything in your power to take control and cleanse your body thoroughly. Once you start to add these foods, exercise and take supplements such as SILALIVE Silica, you will begin to not only take control of detoxifying your system but detoxifying your life.

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