Silica for Liver Flushing

One of the most forgotten about organs in our body is the liver, despite the very important functions of the liver. The liver plays an important role in our everyday life and without a healthy liver, we cannot function properly as humans. The liver is one of the few organs necessary for survival – there is no way to live without a liver.

Functions of the Liver

Liver Detox Cleanse

The liver has hundreds of functions, many of which are needed for everyday survival. The liver is responsible for lipid metabolism, which is the conversion of fat cells into usable energy. The liver also metabolizes carbohydrates into ATP as well. A poorly functioning liver can be the difference between having a healthy weight and experiencing a dramatic amount of weight gain, which is one of the biggest reasons having a healthy liver is important.

The second primary function of the liver is to detoxify the body of various toxins and waste materials. The liver is the body’s primary defense against toxins before the colon and kidneys. The liver also helps decompose red blood cells, which may be carrying various viruses and bacteria, which can prevent disease and sickness from occurring.

The liver is also responsible for glycogen storage, hormone production, plasma protein synthesis, production of bile, the breakdown of small and complex molecules, and controls high-volume biochemical reactions in the body.

Liver Flushing

Liver Detox Flush

Due to the severe amount of toxins that the liver encounters, the liver sometimes becomes damaged and begins to function inefficiently. Alcohol is one of the worst toxins humans consume and alcohol causes severe damage to the liver. While the liver is the only organ in the body with the ability to regenerate, humans should not wait until this process is needed to start caring for their liver. Liver health starts with a Liver Detox Cleanse.

A liver flush essentially purges the toxic materials that are trapped in the liver. Silica is one of the best ways to flush the liver, due to its’ ability to absorb toxins. Silica is poorly absorbed by the body, which means most of the silica we consume will be flushed through our digestive tract.

As silica enters the liver it attracts various toxins and waste material left behind. Silica then transports these toxins to the kidneys and then to the urinary tract. These materials are then removed through your urine.

Silica is the best way to flush the liver because it is a safe, natural way to detox the liver. Other liver flushes require complex chemicals and substances that we do not know if they are safe. Silica has been proven to be a safe, effective liver cleanser, which is why it one of the most popular supplements to detox the liver. Plus, silica provides the body with an endless number of benefits, which bodes well for your overall health.

Silica Supplements for Liver Flushing

For an effective liver deotxing, you need to find an organic silica supplement made with pure silica. Currently, the only real organic silica supplement on the market is Silalive, which contains 100% pure organic silica with enhanced diatomaceous earth.

SilaLive will not only flush your liver, but also detox your entire digestive tract. This will improve your overall quality of life and allow your body to operate much more efficiently than it previously did.

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