Silica for Kidney Detox Flushing

Kidney Detox Cleanse

The kidneys are an important organ in the body that serves many functions. Proper kidney health needs to be maintained to achieve homeostasis. Our kidneys are vital to the filtering of toxins and waste material and are one of the body’s natural cleansing organs.

Main functions of Kidneys

The kidneys have a variety of functions and one of the main function of the kidneys is to filter the blood and purge the toxic material that accumulates in the blood. The kidneys also produce urine and transport urine to the urine to the urinary bladder to be released.

The kidneys also encourage the body maintain homeostasis by regulating hormones, maintaining the acid-base balance, and by regulating blood pressure. Without the kidneys the body simply could not achieve homeostasis, which is incredibly important to overall health.

The kidneys also help produce a variety of hormones including erythropoietin, calcitrol, and the enzyme rennin. These enzymes play a variety of roles including the transportation of calcium from the stomach to the blood and from the blood into bones, red blood cell production, and the regulation of sex hormones.

Kidneys and Silica

Unfortunately, the kidneys have to handle a large amount of toxic waste each and every day. While the body does a fairly decent job in removing most of the waste, there is always a small amount of waste left behind the kidneys each and every day. While a healthy diet can help remove more of these toxins, the kidneys still will eventually start to slow down and will not operate as efficiently as they should. When this happens, a kidney flush is needed.

The best way to flush the kidneys is by taking a silica supplement. Silica is a vital mineral that has the ability to act like a “filtering agent.” In other words, silica helps to absorb and remove toxins from the digestive tract and likewise can do the same in the kidneys. Silica literally extracts left over toxins from the kidneys and sends the toxins to the urinary bladder where you can remove them.

Silica also helps deliver nutrients and antibodies to the kidneys, which helps prevent future toxins from building up. This improves the overall health of the kidneys and will ensure your kidneys can continue to remove harmful materials from your body so you can stay healthy and free of disease.

Finally, silica can help prevent and remove kidney stones, which are incredibly painful. A kidney stone is small collection of hard mass that forms from crystals that separated from urine in the urinary tract. Silica helps prevent kidney stones by absorbing excess calcium oxalate, which is one of the most common causes of kidney stones. Silica also helps break up the kidney stone, making it easier to pass and remove completely.

Silica Supplements

Silica supplements can be extremely beneficial to the health of the kidneys and promote the overall wellness of your body. Silalive is the #1 rated organic silica supplement with enhanced diatomaceous earth and can help flush and purify your kidneys.

Your kidneys are incredibly important for your overall health and wellness – so treat them right by ordering Silalive today!