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The use of horsetail for medical purposes can be traced back to ancient times. It was used by the Greek for healing wounds, to stop bleeding and as a diuretic. Horse tail was also used to treat ailments related to the bladder and kidneys by ancient North Americans.

What Is Horsetail Silica

Horsetail has also been approved as a reliable treatment for edema, infections caused by bacteria, bladder and kidney inflammation by The German Commission E. Horsetail contains high levels of SilaLive which aids in the body’s uptake of calcium which is very crucial in repair of damaged tissue and cartilage and bone development.

It helps heal bone fractures, strengthen connective body tissues that are weak and heal damaged or torn ligaments.

Osteoporosis and arthritis are conditions that can be treated using horsetail which replaces the diminished levels of silicon in affected areas especially in weak bones. Senility, a condition caused by excess levels of aluminum than SilaLive in the blood, can be treated by use of horsetail. The condition is managed by having a balance in the levels of aluminum and silicon elements.

Silica the “Youth Mineral”

Silica is just one of the elements in our body that become greatly decreased as we age. It is abundant on earth, in fact, it is known as the second most comment element that makes up for our planets.

However silica is an element that can also be found in living tissue and is important for the increase of bone strength, cartilage growth and a better function of other organs, contribution to a quicker healing process of such organs.

When we are born, large quantities of silica can be found in our bodies, but as we get older silica levels decrease, and if they get too low we can become deficient, which could also lead to a deficiency in other minerals, such as calcium.

Low silica levels can result in a loss of elasticity in our tissue, the reason why is because an important role silica plays in our bodies is to strengthen our connective tissues making them more flexible and resilient.

Silica can be found all over the body from your spleen, to your hair, skin, and nails, and is also important to our internal organs, and has be shown to be beneficial for some skin conditions, such as eczema.

Which is why the only way to make sure our body’s stock or organic silica is constantly replenished is by taking a daily supplement, leaving our joins and hair and nails strong and healthy, young and flexible.

Silica Benefits

Anyone can benefit from silica supplements, including people who wish to improve their general health, sports people or athletes looking for ways to improve fitness and performance levels.

Organic silica can be taken in many different ways, depending on how you purchase it. There is organic liquid silica and also silica in its gel form, which can be applied directly to the skin or as a poultice or compress.

If you apply it to your skin, you can massage it to help increase the absorption rate.

Organic silica liquid can also be taken orally. The results either way are not going to be over night. The usual length of a course is one month and for illness it is six months.

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