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Detox With Silica For Hair Growth

Detoxing For Healthy Hair

Many people do not realize how many toxins find their way up through the body to the hair roots and into your hair. This can result in flat dull looking hair that breaks easily when it is brushed or styled. The classic explanation for weak toxin laden hair is that it is over washed, over styled, over brushed or the person is simply afflicted with fine thin hair. I know this firsthand as my hair was frequently permed and styled as a child and was always shaggy and broken when grown past couple inches long.

How Can Detoxing Help Your Hair

SilaLive Hair RegrowthPartly this can be true as the chemicals can do a lot of damage to the hair follicle; however your hairs health is very dependent on your person’s overall health. There are many toxins that settle in the body and hair through ingestion and stagnation.

Diatomaceous Earth & Silica To Help Hair Growth

Fortunately there are ways to help clean your body out, expel toxins and give it a healthier start. A juice purge (or diet) is healthy way to help your body get rid of all the accumulated wastes hiding in it. Regular juices are good but getting a juicer and making mixed juice with pulps is better still for your body and does not leave a person as hungry as plain juice can. A week is a good time to help your body clean itself out, but longer is always better.

And there are restricted foods diets to help your body eliminate toxins as well. These ways help a person drop a few pounds as well but they are not a total weight loss plan. After the detoxification and cleansing you need a healthy diet to follow for enhanced energy and vigor. The detoxification helps to give your body a clean start so your diet plan has a better chance of working.

Can Silalive Help Regrow Hair?

There is another method of helping to scrub your body clean of toxins with natural ingredients called Silalive which is a pure food grade diatomaceous earth powder with organic silica acid. This combination helps clean out your body and can also aid in other health problems a person may be experiencing.

Once you clean your body insides and start a healthier eating plan your hair will bound back as well. Healing your hair starts slow as it took time to build up toxins inside your hair roots in first place, but over weeks of detoxification you will notice a stronger shinier hair looking back at you from the mirror. Regular trims, gentle brushing and soft hair barrettes will all help keep your hair from breaking even more as you are easing it through the strengthening process.

With the toxins flushed from the body and hair roots, your system can better utilize the vitamins, juices and foods ingested into it. Everything you put into your body after detoxification will have a new meaning for you and in the process of making your hair healthy you will find your whole body will feel healthier and more energetic from being scrubbed clean inside.

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