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Silica Eliminates Inflammation In Your Body As said before, inflammation is not a disease itself, but it’s a symptom our body uses to let us know something is going wrong and to prevent us disease is preparing to settle in. What Causes Inflammation? The real causes of inflammation are a poor diet, the environment which […]

What Is Acute inflammation? Inflammation is the new term that keeps appearing on more and more patients and doctors’ lips, since it’s a condition caused by chronic fatigue and most of dangerous diseases such as cancers and cardiovascular illnesses. However, inflammation is not something new, it exists since forever but our lifestyle has gone mad […]

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Food Diets Everyone is familiar with the signs of inflammation: redness, swelling and pain but does everyone know what inflammation actually is? Inflammation is the first response that the immune system takes to any infection or irritation. Infection is pretty straight-forward but what constitutes irritation? This can often be confusing and many people […]

Best Supplements For Inflammation Inflammation is the over activation of our immune system. Our immune system can become over-active for many reasons including stress, poor eating habits and not enough exercise. How can we combat this inflammation and what can we do to help prevent it in the future? Inflammation can be traced to the […]

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