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Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Main Uses Of Diatomaceous Earth Diatomaceous Earth has dozens of users both for humans and for pets. In fact, one could argue diatomaceous earth is one of the most versatile products on the market. Just about every person could use diatomaceous earth in some way or another. Here are the main uses of Diatomaceous Earth: […]

Silica Eliminates Inflammation In Your Body As said before, inflammation is not a disease itself, but it’s a symptom our body uses to let us know something is going wrong and to prevent us disease is preparing to settle in. What Causes Inflammation? The real causes of inflammation are a poor diet, the environment which […]

Natural Silicon Element Health Benefits If you have never heard of Silica before, you are not alone. It is a mineral that boosts its share of health benefits, but it is often overlooked and under-appreciated. Silicon is the second most abundant element found in the crust of the earth. It is 25.7 percent of the […]

How To Detox In 7 Days The 7 Day Detox diet is among the most sought-after regimens for two reasons: It is full of benefits and very effectual for those who want to shed pounds and cleanse their body. It is also very challenging, so if you are interested in this diet, be sure to […]

7 Healthy Things To Do For Weight Loss In most cases, losing weight can be a life-long challenge. The cycle usually includes taking on drastic diet changes and losing the desired weight. Then the dieter will go back to their old eating habits and gain back all the weight. This cycle is tiring, stressful and […]

Best Way To Detox With Diatomaceous Earth Detox, an abbreviated version of the word ‘detoxification’ refers to the elimination of toxic matter from the body. Although the detoxification process can be used for other purposes, in this article, ‘detoxification’ refers to diets, and other methods of removing toxins from the body for the purpose of […]

How Toxins Get In The Body When it comes to getting rid of toxins in the body, you must start by thinking about all the toxins that are actually entering the body on the daily basis. There is quite a bit of work that your body will have to undergo to get rid of these […]

Why Do I Need To Detox My Body Every once in a while, we all have those days where we feel sluggish, bloated and just uncomfortable. These feelings are your body’s way of letting you know that you are out of balance internally. Every day, we are tempted by unhealthy things, such as fast food, […]

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