Silica Full Body Detox Cleanse

As humans, we encounter several toxins and harmful bacteria and viruses every single day. We also consume various chemicals and substances that can harm our body through our diet. Even a correction in diet and exercise may not be able to rid the body of these harmful chemicals, which is why a full body cleanse may be needed.

One of the best ways to detoxify the body is through a silica cleanse. Silica is arguably the most important mineral for our overall health and general wellness. Silica can be found in a variety of forms, including diatomaceous earth, a natural clay-like powder that contains a high concentration of silica. So how does silica help detoxify the body?

Silica and Detoxification

Silica can help detoxify the body in a variety of ways. First, plague, cholesterol, and fatty lipids often accumulate in the arteries and veins in the body. This buildup of material slows down and restricts the flow of blood. Silica helps naturally remove these materials from the arteries and veins so that blood can flow freely and transport nutrients to the other parts of the body.

Heavy Metal Removal

Heavy metals like aluminum and iron also sometimes settle in the stomach, which can prevent the stomach from fully digesting all the food we consume. Nutrients are sent to be excreted instead of being sent to various organs. Obviously, this is a serious problem and these heavy metals need to be removed.

Researchers have found that silica can efficiently act as a filtering agent and help transport heavy metals like aluminum and iron out of the body. Aluminum is especially necessary to remove given it’s potential link to Alzheimer’s disease.

Full Body Detox

By flushing these heavy metals from the stomach, the stomach can operate as it would original operate and the body can absorb and transport all of the nutrients you consume instead of just a portion.

Digestive cleansing

Finally, silica can flush the entire digestive tract of various chemicals and toxins. The liver, kidneys, and colon are three of the primary beneficiaries of silica cleanses. All three of these organs constantly come in contact with toxins and waste material on a daily basis, which means they are constantly struggling to purify the body.

For any number of reasons, these organs could not be filtering toxins and waste material the way they should. This can cause toxins and waste material to be left behind, which further slows down these organs.

Silica helps absorb the left behind waste material and toxins. Instead of these toxins slowing down your body, the liver, kidneys, and colon can all properly function, which is obviously beneficial to your overall health.

Silica Supplement for Body Cleansing

Silalive is the best organic silica supplement with enhanced diatomaceous earth for a full body cleanse. As you are already aware, silica can help cleanse the body in a variety of ways. However diatomaceous earth also has numerous cleansing abilities as well and will further cleanse the digestive tract, particularly the intestines.

Silalive is not only a cleansing product but also an overall general wellness product. If you take your health seriously, a silica supplement is something you need to consider.

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