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SilaLive Inflammation

Living in today’s world is a challenge for the human body to stay repaired and healthy, even when we eat right, exercise and get enough sleep. Most people are unaware that the air we breathe, the food and water we eat and drink, and anything we come in contact with contaminates our bodies.

What Causes Inflammation?

Pollution, heavy metals, food chemicals and dyes, and even prescription medicines are but a small list that leaves traces of dangerous residues everyday. Over time, this accumulates quickly to the point where the human body cannot cleanse itself completely on its own. These residues create havoc in our organs, brain and vascular system to the point where serious disease can start. This can destroy the health of even the most health conscious person.

Since we cannot escape the presence of dangerous elements with today’s lifestyle, there is a choice to suffer the consequences or help the body stay cleansed, naturally! All it takes is learning what your body needs and why, to regain lost health. When you get a headache, you probably know what caused it, but could only think about how to get rid of that headache, right? Stress, sinus, exhaustion, and many other reasons to get a headache or body ache come to mind right away.

The immune system goes into overdrive trying to repair what is wrong so you stay healthy, it is always on guard! When this happens, inflammation sets in and can become quite severe and widespread. Inflammation swells the sinuses, makes your head pound, creates nerve pain, muscle pain, and almost every pain in the body from disease and injury. Why does this happen? Inflammation presses on nerves, and is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong, and to fix it – make sense now?

The constant bombarding and accumulation of toxic residues in the body creates its own form of constant inflammation, building over time. Narrowing blood vessels, clogged organs and digestive system, and poor health are the signs of an inflamed, toxic body. Feeling tired, emotionally drained, and aches and pains are common feelings and a way of life for many people. It doesn’t have to be this way – feel great again!

Best Inflammation Supplements

Get started on the road to good health by detoxifying your body naturally with SilaLive silica complex. These products work by reducing inflammation, detoxifying the body and cleansing the colon, which ensures complete cleansing and nutrient absorption. Working together, the toxic waste can be eliminated from the body without getting stuck in a clogged digestive tract. Your body will also absorb nutrients better from food when your intestinal tract is clean and clear from that day forward – don’t wait!

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