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7 Day Detox Program

How To Detox In 7 Days

The 7 Day Detox diet is among the most sought-after regimens for two reasons: It is full of benefits and very effectual for those who want to shed pounds and cleanse their body. It is also very challenging, so if you are interested in this diet, be sure to curb your monstrous appetite with wholesome meals until you complete it.

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Wonder Soup

Go ahead, feel free to lick your lips and drool a little for this classic dish, which is nothing more than cabbage soup. You can make this dish taste better than it sounds by chopping up some veggies and bell peppers, sprinkling some salt, pepper and garlic and pouring some vegetable broth in a pot. Once everything boils for a good while, add a pinch of dried chili powder to it and then enjoy!

Day One: The Fruit Day

This day may be the toughest to get through if you have a penchant for binging. Nevertheless, think positive thoughts, take a deep breath and do the best you can. Here is a fruit dish you should use to get ideas for more meals:

Fruit Salad–Combine the fruits you love with several slices of pears, apples, lemon or lime. Sprinkle a little cinnamon and salt on top.

Day Two: The Veggies Day

As luck would have it, you can binge all you want on raw foods. Here is a dish to try first:

Pureed Soup–Boil your favorite veggies and then toss them in a blender.

Day Three: Veggies & Fruits Day

When you blend two things, you get the best of both worlds. Your digestive system and excretory system will significantly improve, with veggies. Your ability to recover from and prevent diseases will sharply enhance, with fruits.

Stick Snack–Chop up some fruits and veggies and enjoy them just like that.

Day Four: Milk & Bananas Day

Believe it or not, this dish is just as hearty and delicious as all the other dishes you will be eating:

Banana Split–although you cannot add ice cream, you can creatively cut up your bananas and eat them with wheat germ or any other food that has natural fibers. Your digestive system will benefit from you eating this.

Day Five: Protein & Tomatoes Day

On this day, you can consume some protein and many tomatoes, namely cherry tomatoes. Whichever meat you want to sink your teeth in is okay to eat.

Day Six: Protein & Veggies Day

You can get back to eating your favorite dishes but do it in a responsible way. Stack your plate with fresh veggies and one meat–perhaps a salmon steak.

Day Seven: Juices & Fruits & Protein Day

Today, you can eat whatever your monstrous appetite craves. Just remember your goal is to reach your dream weight, and you will remember to stick to the eating habits you learned from this diet. Also, always remember to place quantity above quality–focus on your meal size rather than how good it tastes.

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